Our nutritionist

I’m starting a new project in Natural Castelló where my aim is to help you look after your diet and your health. I recommend the Mediterranean Diet and advocate a balanced, healthy and simple diet without any fuss.

What will I discuss in Natural Castelló?

Recetas fáciles paso a paso


I will show you healthy and tasty recipes weekly with the aim of expanding the range of options available for your meals. I will also demonstrate that anyone can cook easily, quickly and simply.

Vida sana y hábitos saludables

Nutrition advice

Have you ever thought why it’s good to combine rice with legumes or why it’s important to eat five times a day? I will show you the practical art of nutrition, as well as giving you simple guidelines for eating better.

Propiedades de los alimentos

Nutritional foods

I would like to explain the characteristics of the foods and products that we often consume. My aims are firstly that you can learn to choose them, and secondly to demystify the taboos that we have about foods.

Cocina saludable y fácil para todos

Nutritional cooking

Cooking in a healthy way does not mean you can’t prepare tasty irresistible dishes. I will show you various culinary techniques to help you prepare healthy and tasty dishes.

Why have I started this project?

For me, health is the most important thing and I am certain that Castelló products can help in improving it. I’m passionate about pastries and my main interest is transforming recipes so that they are healthier, always trying to include a more natural or less refined product. From the time I discovered a range of natural products, I have had one worry less and feel more relaxed.

For me, it’s a revolution to be able to use baking powder without phosphates, without aluminium and also without gluten. This makes it possible to create dishes suitable for coeliacs and people with other food allergies.

Will you join the Natural Castelló revolution? I’m here already!