Welcome to #NaturalCastelló


Tártaros Gonzalo Castelló has been around for over 100 years since it was founded in 1907, which goes some way to prove that we know what we are doing. Throughout our history, we have been steadily growing and our strong international expansion has made us a world leader in the manufacture and marketing of natural tartaric acid salts and esters.


Tártaros Gonzalo Castelló has now decided to embark on a new and exciting project in which we are launching a new product line directed at the general public. This is the birth of our brand, Castelló. Our philosophy is “always healthy” and we want to reflect this through our recipes and our advice on food, health and cooking. Our aim is to increase your well-being through the quality and innovation of our products.


Join the #CastellóRevolution where we share with you the basis for a healthy and balanced meals, following the principles of the Mediterranean diet, a healthy and simple cuisine. Discover our products and be one of us.

Because of our strict and rigorous quality control procedures, our products reach the consumer with maximum guarantees.