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Natural foods and products are ever more popular among people who decide to start a balanced diet. Including organic products, introducing more fruit and vegetables in the diet and reducing the amount of red meat, fat and precooked foods are some of the habits that people concerned about their health are starting to implement in their daily lives. To this set of techniques that are intended to promote the most natural and healthy foods, we can now add consumption of 0% sodium Bonsalt salt.

Before buying sodium-free salt What are the benefits?

Healthy component for meals

Sodium-free 0% sodium Bonsalt is a common salt substitute that helps people who need to start healthy eating in the best possible way. Why do we claim this? Because Bonsalt salt is made with only natural ingredients and the latest technology, following the strictest and most rigorous quality controls. This is guaranteed by ISO 22000, a certificate awarded to renowned international companies and proves that our product reaches the consumer with the highest guarantees.

The main advantage of this salt alternative lies in its 0% sodium composition. As a general rule, we consume three times the daily recommended sodium intake, which is 500 mg per day, with salt as the component with the highest sodium content of our diet. Why not remove all this excess salt by consuming a healthy sodium-free salt?

Furthermore, sodium-free salt is perfect for a healthy heart and if we started to look at the side effects of salt consumption we would probably stop taking it immediately. Until recently, many people came to this same conclusion and stopped adding common salt to their meals. But thanks to Bonsalt, many have seen a new horizon and have gone back to adding this touch of flavour to their meals; but now in a healthy way without harming their bodies.

In fact, patients who must restrict or reduce their daily ingestion of common salt such as those with hypertension can see positive benefits by ingesting 0% sodium salt.

Low in calories

A balanced diet must consist of a variety of foods but must also be based on reducing calories. Bonsalt salt achieves this objective because, in addition to being low in sodium and not affecting possible development of cardiovascular diseases, it is low in calories.

Furthermore, sodium-free salt has a positive effect on fluid retention, so if you’re thinking of losing weight, consuming Bonsalt salt is a smart idea.

If calories and salt are transformed into fats and cholesterol in our bodies and end up by harming our various systems and heart, who not start to prevent this by consuming 0% sodium Bonsalt salt and natural foods that are appropriate for health?

Suitable for hypertensives

Has your hypertension forced you to eliminate salt from your meals? What a challenge! It’s so difficult that many people never get used to eating some foods without salt. Although this might seem to be a very serious problem, it is easily solved by purchasing 0% sodium Bonsalt salt.

But it is salt, isn’t it? Yes, it’s salt, but is quality and composition will allow anyone with hypertension to use this common salt substitute without any problem. You don’t have to give up eating with salt provided that the salt is 0% sodium.

If you are one of those people who have not yet experienced hypertension problems, you are in time to prevent their appearance. Start with a diet based on natural and healthy foods and add 0% sodium salt to it. You will not only benefit in the short term but also in the medium to long term. There is no better salt substitute than Bonsalt salt, with the same flavour but in a healthy version.

Bonsalt generation: take your first step to a healthy life by buying sodium-free salt!

Because of the Bonsalt generation, salt goes back to being a healthy component to add to our meals, becoming the most natural and healthy salt substitute. Its high potassium content is more than beneficial as it is approximately equivalent to half a banana (44.8 g of potassium for each 100 g of salt). Furthermore, the ingredients included in the composition are: potassium chloride, L-lycine monohydrochloride, monopotassium tartrate, glutamic acid and silicon dioxide.

You can buy 0% sodium Bonsalt salt at NaturalCastelló in the format of 85 gram shakers, in 350 gram packets or in an exhibitor pack of 12 x 85 gram shakers.

However, if you want to start on your journey toward a healthy life, you have to do a little more than change your routine in salt consumption.

  • Reduce your fat consumption: eliminate industrial pastries from your diet as well as precooked or frozen meals.
  • Increase consumption of fruit and vegetables. Better still if they are organic.
  • Increase your water consumption and reduce your consumption of carbonated and sugary drinks.
  • Reduce sugar intake as much as possible.
  • Do exercise every day: a bike route or a 30 minute walk per day is enough to keep you fit.

Follow these tips, add sodium-free salt to your diet and your body will note the effects of a good diet immediately. What are you waiting for?

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