Cream of Tartar and Baking Powder

Cream of Tartar

Cream of tartar often appears in home-made pastry recipes but many people still don’t know what it is. So here we are going to explain what exactly is this very important ingredient for baking and what can it be used for.


Before buying cream of tartar, what is it?

Cream of tartar is the popular name given to potassium bitartrate, potassium hydrogen tartrate, tartaric acid salt or E336(i). This ingredient is a white and fine powder in appearance. It has no flavour and performs the function of a chemical raising agent. It is particularly used in making cakes but it can also be a corrector of acidity in wines or an essential ingredient in making fizzy or carbonated drinks. It can also be found in sweets, jams, sauces and dehydrated soups!

Cream of tartar is clearly not a relatively new component as it was isolated by the Swedish chemist Carl Wilheim Scheele in 1769. Before then, it was known in its natural form in plants, but especially as a by-product of grapes. Thus cream of tartar originates from the natural crystalline acid that is deposited on the walls of wine cellars. At this stage it is known as tartar, and after a production process when it is turned into a white powder called cream of tartar, it can be used for various culinary processes. Don’t hesitate and buy cream of tartar online now.


What is cream of tartar used for?

The properties of this natural additive help you make the best meringues, biscuits and cookies. It’s also suitable for vegetarians and coeliac sufferers as it contains no gluten!

How often have you tried to make a meringue and failed to get the volume and stability necessary? Using cream of tartar in the amount specified in the recipe you are following helps you get the best meringue that you have ever made. Finger-licking good!

The key of this powerful natural ingredient is its function of increasing the volume and stability of whipped egg whites in meringues and soufflés, as well as in other culinary techniques. For example, recipes such as Angel Food Cake or Chiffon Cakes always add a touch of cream of tartar.

The main uses of cream of tartar are:

  • Natural raising agent: the basic ingredient of any natural raising agent.
  • Pastries: used for preparing meringues, soufflés, cookies and many more.
  • Pharmaceutical industry: has an effect as a diuretic and laxative.
  • Complement for sweeteners: eliminates the after-taste of some sweeteners.
  • Wine making: tartaric stabilisation. Basically used to reduce the cooling times for wine to less than 24 hours.

And now you know about the uses of cream of tartar, why not buy it in NaturalCastelló and start making your recipes?



To make a home made meringue, we recommend 1/8 of a teaspoon per each egg white. This will give the volume and stability that you need for your meringue.


Home raising agent

For a home raising agent, we recommend using two parts of cream of tartar for one part of sodium bicarbonate.


Whipped cream

Add cream of tartar as specified by the recipe.


Dough and bakery preparations

Cream of tartar is a perfect natural ingredient for making doughs with greater volume. In fact, it is considered as the best chemical raising agent for the bakery, together with sodium bicarbonate. Both ingredients start to work from the moment they come into contact with the damp dough.
Professional pastry chefs also use this ingredient for adding toppings to sweets, achieving more creamy textures, preparing creative fondants or preventing crystallisation of sugar or caramel.
We are 100% sure that cream of tartar will never be absent from any pastry bakery.


Angel Food Cake

For Angel Food Cake containing 9-10 egg whites, we recommend adding 1 heaped teaspoon of cream of tartar.


Chiffon Cakes

In this case, we recommend 1 teaspoon of cream of tartar for a preparation with 7 eggs.


Buy cream of tartar online

As you can see, cream of tartar is an essential ingredient in the larder of any home, especially for meringue lovers who are always so worried whenever they have to make it. With cream of tartar you’ll never be afraid again that your meringue will flop!

To buy cream of tartar online you only have to choose the amount that best suits your needs and confirm your purchase in NaturalCastelló. You can choose between a 60 gram jar, boxes of 12 x 60 gram jars, 800 gram jars or 25kg sacks, ideal for bakeries, restaurants and pastry makers.

At this point, it’s worth mentioning that cream of tartar is not an ingredient that is available in any physical store. In fact, it is sometimes quite difficult to find it where you usually shop. Therefore we make it available for use in various formats from our online shop. We also offer it at very economical prices. If you have never purchased online, you shouldn’t worry about a thing because NaturalCastelló ships all our products sealed and with the corresponding composition label showing all the information you need to check that our product is the best.

Are you going to become the king/queen of the meringue? Buy your natural cream of tartar and start enjoying desserts with volume and stability.


Baking Powder

Gluten-free baking powder has become one of the indispensable products for the larder of any coeliac sufferer, but also for anyone who does not suffer from intolerance to gluten derived from wheat, barley, rye and oats (and all their varieties). Analysing the situation of gluten carefully, we come to the conclusion already confirmed by thousands of nutritional experts all over the world, that gluten is not an essential protein for human beings.

Unfortunately, there are many foods that contain gluten and so coeliac sufferers must especially check the labelling of everything they eat. Fortunately, many recipes can be made with our gluten-free baking powder and because of this, many trust this natural and healthy component. Coeliac sufferers or not, we all want to follow a healthy diet, don’t we?


Before purchasing gluten-free baking powder online Benefits compared to the other products on the market:

1.- In contrast to baking powders with phosphates that often leave typical soapy or metallic after-tastes, cakes baked with our product reveal their real and natural flavour.
2.- Since it does not contain phosphates, Castelló baking powder removes the risk of black specks in the products, giving a more homogeneous structure and the inside the baked product has a lighter colour than that made with other phosphate-containing baking powders.
3.- Our product naturally gives a reduction of sodium of more than 60% compared to other baking powders. 1 sachet of 16 g of the national market leading baking powder contains approximately 6.7 g of NaCl, so products made with our baking powder can be labelled as “reduced or low in sodium”.
4.- By totally removing phosphates, we prevent harmful effects on health caused by phosphates such as kidney conditions, osteoporosis, etc.
5.- Because of the natural ingredients used in the manufacture of our baking powder, obtained from grapes (potassium mono tartrate) and maize (glucono-delta-lactone, GDL, and cornstarch), we can claim that Castelló baking powder is the healthiest and most natural choice, because is it GMO-free, Kosher, gluten-free and aluminium-free.
6.- It is manufactured in Spain, in our facilities in Alicante, under strict quality control (ISO 22000) and using the latest technology. The product complies with all the requirements of European Regulation 231/2012.


Castelló baking powder: good taste, healthier

Have you decided to start looking after your health better? Buying Castelló baking powder is a good step to start your journey to the world of healthy eating.

Castelló gluten-free baking powder is perfect for coeliac sufferers who can use it to make bread, pastries and a whole series of ideal recipes and foods because they are aware of their gluten intolerance and keep their bodies free from unnecessary compounds. It is also perfect for anyone concerned about their health! Our baking powder has 60% less sodium and does not contain aluminium, phosphate or GMOs (genetically modified organisms).

It is a healthy, delicious and natural baking powder that will give a spectacular texture to your home made pastries because of its double action of releasing gas homogeneously during the entire mixing and baking process. Your buns will be as light as air!

So that you don’t doubt what we say even for a moment, the list of natural ingredients present in your baking powder is given below:

  • Glucono-delta-lactone (E575)
  • Sodium bicarbonate (E500ii)
  • Cornstarch
  • Monopotassium tartrate (E336i)

These are the ingredients that will give your biscuits and pastry preparations the perfect texture and volume, exactly the same as normal everyday yeast. But more natural and healthy, of course!


Why purchase Castelló gluten-free baking powder?

We have already mentioned the perfect results you get with gluten-free baking powder for making natural pastries at home, suitable for coeliac sufferers of course. However, this baking powder can be used for many more things such as batters, cake sponges and even raising agent for flour dough.
The doses for each type of preparation will vary, of course. In general, we recommend using 16 grams of baking powder per 400 grams of flour, in the case of pastries. And don’t forget to sieve both ingredients before adding the others. For cakes, the generic recommendation is 8 grams of gluten-free baking powder (1/2 sachet) per 3 eggs. For batter, use 8 grams of baking powder (1/2 sachet) for each 250 grams of flour.
It is always important to mix the baking powder with the first product (flour or egg) before adding the other ingredients. That will give you a delicious recipe, healthy and well done!
To be a little more specific, we encourage you to make bread with gluten-free baking powder. We’re sure you’ll be surprised by the texture and the flavour of the bread, which will also be the most natural you’ve ever eaten. Why? Because this type of baking powder gives such an intense and special flavour to the bread that it will remind you of any fresh natural rustic bread.
If you decide to buy Castelló gluten-free bakinq powder once, you are sure to buy it again and you will never use standard yeast ever again. Coeliac sufferers aren’t the only ones who can enjoy the taste of the most natural and delicious baking powder, so if you’re concerned about your health and that of your family you will look for no more excuses and start to change your dietary habits.
Are you still thinking about it? Get our gluten-free baking powder online and start now following a healthy diet consisting of the most natural products. You are only a click away from starting! Our baking powder comes in 64 gram boxes that include 4 x 16 gram sachets. Buy all you need!

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